Take Care

The penguins live on St Kilda breakwater. It is their home. Please treat the breakwater and penguins with respect as you would visiting anyone’s home. They are not there as a side show as part of a tour of Melbourne. It is where they live, sleep and rear their young.


The fence is gradually being constructed. You can still see the penguins easily and with luck the fence will stop the selfish people who poke their camera down a burrow while mum penguin is sitting on an egg. Yes that was yesterday. There are chicks aplenty and in a couple … Continue reading

New Fence

The Fence does not look quite as bad as I had imagined. Hopefully it will do the trick, although because it is not quite finished there were some people on the wrong side last night.


It is with sadness that we are fencing off the public viewing area.You will still be able to see the penguins closely but to stop the unprincipled public from picking up and removing penguins from nests it has become a necessity. The public viewing area will be closed from time … Continue reading