Moult is here

There are very few penguins in St Kilda at the moment. Just a few late chicks who will hopefully be fed to maturity. All the penguins are out feeding up to get twice the normal weight ready to spend two to three weeks losing their old feathers and getting brand … Continue reading

new chicks

There are a few chicks on the breakwater, they are very early but seem to be surviving the very cold conditions. Most of the colony are out at sea feeding up ready for breeding in a few weeks. If you are really interested in St Kilda penguins we have a … Continue reading

moulting time

The penguins are just starting to moult. they will be looking very scruffy and uncomfortable for the next few weeks. Penguins cannot go out to sea¬†when they are in moult.¬†Unfortunately this is the time of the year when late chicks die. Their parents cannot moult and feed chicks. If you … Continue reading

still laying eggs!

Well the St Kilda penguins have gone crazy laying eggs rearing fat healthy chicks and they are still doing it. Unfortunately its also time to start thinking about moult and our parents just cannot rear chicks and moult at the same time. There are a few grey looking penguins obviously … Continue reading

Eggs already!

Our penguins don’t waste time they have already got 4 sets of eggs hatching out there.