Reports about the colony

Mike Cullen presented his analysis in 1989. It gives a detailed description of the site and penguin population. Click here  ST KILDA PENGUINS J.M . Cullen. (pdf)

This was followed by a series of reports some of them covering the rebuilding of St Kilda Breakwater. These reports are in pdf format.

St Kilda Penguin Research Report 1992  Mike Cullen

Penguin Report 1995-6  Mike Cullen/ Neil Blake


October 10 1996 Mike Cullen/ Neil Blake

Penguin report Jan 1997 Mike Cullen

ST KILDA PENGUIN RESEARCH REPORT 1998-2000 Mike Cullen/ Neil Blake

Stage Four  reconstruction  of the St Kilda Breakwater. Neil Blake May 1998

Penguins 2001-2003 Rachael Nolan

Penguin report 2004 Zoe M Hogg


PENGUIN REPORT 2007-08  Zoe M Hogg

PENGUIN REPORT 2008-09  Zoe M Hogg

Penguin report 2009-10  Zoe M Hogg

Symposium presentation  Zoe M Hogg (Power point as pdf)

Penguin Report 2010-2011  Zoe M Hogg

penguin report 2011-12 Zoe m Hogg

Penguin Report 2012-13 Zoe M Hogg

penguin report 2013-14


6 thoughts on “Reports about the colony

  1. Hi, yesterday there was a penguin that looked pretty bad. It was covered in oil and appeared non healthy.

  2. Are you sure it was oil? There are a few penguins on the breakwater that have not moulted properly and are in the process of dying. This is a natural occurrence that happens every year during moult season. They try to swim but just get very wet shaggy feathers that have half fallen out. They look awful but then I doubt if we look good when dying. They may be very old, or may have not got themselves in to good enough condition and well fed before moult.

  3. Hi,

    Isn’t there also the presence of an otter-like Australian native called a Rakali at the breakwater? Why doesn’t there appear to be research done on these animals? I had never heard of them prior to going to the pier last year, and presume they are relatively rare. Shouldn’t this necessitate a more urgent need for research and protection along with the penguins?

  4. Yesterday I found a dead penguin on a beach in Sandringham, not close to the waterline but up in the bushes. There is an area of rocks similar to the breakwater rocks which is there to stabilise the hill above. I’m wondering weather the penguins are attempting to establish a colony there. Sadly, the penguin had been mauled but not eaten and it’s head was missing. Should this be reported to anyone and followed up?

  5. Thankyou for your concern. The most likely thing that happened to your penguin is that it did not survive the stressful time of moult. This is the time of the year when penguins die and turn up on our beaches. it was probably brown or white not the usual blue.

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