Come to our Penguin Sympoium Saturday 27th August at MEMO ( the concert hall behind the RSL) Acland St St Kilda Entrance via Albert St. Learn all about St Kilda penguins and all the latest research
10am Welcome to country Serge Thoman
10.10am Nicole Kowalczyk
The foraging and reproductive ecology of St Kilda Penguins
10.30am Naomi Wells
The time and duration of moult in Little penguins
10.50am Flossy Sperring
The influence age and sex have on moult in Little penguins within the St Kilda Colony
11.10am Tiana Preston
Environmental DNA as a monitoring tool for platypus
11.30am Bernard de la Coeur
Being a penguin guide
11.50 am brief coffee break
12.00 Paula Wasiak
From the brink of extinction to a flourishing population. The colourful history of Phillip Island penguins
12.20am MeaganTucker
The effect of environmental variation, the survival and the reproductive ecology of St Kilda Little penguins
12.40pm Starlight Jazz will entertain you during the lunch break
 1.40pm Douglas Gimesy
The power of imagery in wild life conservation
 2.00pm Neil Blake
Who sustains the freeloading charismatic mega fauna?
2.20pm Andre Chiaradia
The comparison between oceanic and bay little penguins
 2.40pm Annette Finger
The Little penguin as a bioindicator for coastal pollution
Anne Wallis 3.00pm
Middle island Penguins at Warnambool
3.20 Zoe  Hogg
30  years of St Kilda penguin
Tea,coffee and biscuits will be freely available all day. Lunch will be supplied.
Just let us know if you are coming so we can cater for you.

The penguin colony is visited 24 times a year by a monitoring team who record the number of penguins present, breeding sites, penguin weight and health and microchipping of any new or visiting penguins and chicks.

Along side this team are various other researchers who look at the colony in more depth.

Below are some Research Papers that have been published by members of the Penguin team.

Rebecca Overeem et al Genetic Structure Web (Powerpoint as a pdf)

Tiana Preston et al Foraging behaviour of Little Penguins (pdf)

Beth Hawkins, Philip Wallis Penguins lunar cycle (pdf)

Darren Gilling Distribution of Little Penguins St Kilda Breakwater (pdf)

Carol Scarpaci penguin vocalisation  (Powerpoint as a pdf)

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  1. Greetings. We volunteered every month for several years between 2004 and 2008, assisting with the catch & count at the St Kilda breakwater. We moved away in 2008 and are going to be back for a visit. We’d love to help out if you can use two more volunteers one Sunday evening (if we remember correctly that it was on a Sunday evening). We’ll be in Melbourn from 10-21 February. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Ana & Tod Gobledale

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