Your donation is important for the ongoing management and monitoring of our little penguins. A donation of just $15 can help us microchip and identify one penguin chick and monitor it as it grows up. Your donation will also go towards equipment required for penguin guides and researchers. Please refer any donation enquiries to Alternatively, you can donate at the donation pole next to the penguin chair before you enter the colony.

Follow the rules

When you visit the colony please do not use flash photography because penguins are adapted to life in the water and are sensitive to white and blue light. Do not climb on the rocks because penguins nest between the rocks and you might be disturbing a nest. Do not try to touch the penguins, they won’t like it and neither will you, they can bite. The penguins like to move around so you need to give them plenty of space, they might be trying to find their partner or chicks.

Become a penguin warrior

With an increasing number of visitors to the colony it is important that everyone is respectful of the penguins. It can be hard for our penguin guides to communicate with everyone so if you see someone doing the wrong thing, let them know. Always be respectful to the penguins and the people.


Our penguin guides are at the colony every night to remind visitors of the rules, and provide information about the penguins. If you would like to become a penguin guide, please email

Our research team conducts research every fortnight to monitor the population health. If you would like to become a research volunteer, first you must volunteer as a penguin guide.

Be environmentally conscious

Our little penguins like to bring rubbish into their nests in attempt to keep their chicks warm. Unfortunately, rubbish does not provide as much insulation as natural flora found on the breakwater. Please remember to Reduce Reuse and Recycle, or put it in the bin. When visiting the St Kilda pier and breakwater, if you see litter, put it in the bin.


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