Little penguins can be seen on St Kilda breakwater every night of the year and the best viewing time is after sunset. The breakwater is located at the end of the St Kilda pier, past the kiosk.

White light, flash photography, climbing on rocks and touching penguins is prohibited and monitored by Earthcare penguin guides every night of the year. Please be mindful of the penguins and do not approach within 3m. Penguins often attempt to cross along the top of the breakwater, so be mindful and allow plenty of space for the penguins to move freely.

Penguin guides are also on the breakwater to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to approach any of these friendly volunteers.

** If you want to increase your visitor experience and help the penguins, vote for the penguins!

Earthcare St Kilda want to develop an interactive app that will enhance the penguin viewing experience and help protect the penguins. If we can get the funding we need, app users will be taken on a journey through the colony where they can learn all about the penguins through videos, audio and activities. App users will also contribute to research by answering questions such as “how many penguins did you see?” and by recording the number of times flash photography was used. All you need to do to help us create this app is VOTE at Pick my Project! **You have until September 17th to vote and must be over 16 years of age.