All you ever wanted to know about St Kilda Penguins. The pdf below contains more than 80 questions and answers. We hope this covers most of the information you would like.
Questions and Answers

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  1. I would like to join your volunteer introduction. Do you provide a certain time on 12/May/2014? Waiting for your reply, thank you.

  2. I’ll be staying over at st kilda next sat specially to see the penguins. Please advise what time will be the best time to see the penguins? Am I allowed to walk to the breakwater to wait for the penguins. Where is the exact location of the breakwater? Will I still be able to see the penguins after sunset? Will they be there at the breakwater till sunrise?

  3. The penguin swill come in around 7pm. You can walk to the public section of the breakwater. Yes they will be there all night. They leave at sunrise,

  4. Any time after 7pm. There are always penguins, the number varies according to penguin whim.

  5. I would like to bring my family to St Kilda to see penguins in between 29 Nov to 3 Dec. Will there be a lot of penguins during this season? What is the suitable time to view the Penguins? Thank you!

  6. If I am taking public transportation to get to St. Kilda, which tram and stop would be the easiest to get to breakwater? I know the 16 or 96 goes to St. Kilda.

  7. We have visitors coming the last 2 weeks of January. Is there any particular day/time it is best to come and see the penguins? Will there be an Earthcare guide available?
    Thank you.
    Joan Greig

  8. Hey Guys!
    I am a long time local of StKilda who finally got down to see the lil fellas tonight! Loved it! Brought back great memories as a kid at Phillip Is when we stayed each summer on the cliffs above Summerlands Beach. I got to know the Penguins then … learnt to respect their space after having been given a good peck … as a 10 yo I still remember they bite pretty hard!
    I didn’t know until I read your website prior to going today that I could cover my torch with red cellophane … so I dutifully went down to Acland St. and bought some along with fresh batteries! I handed out the stuff tonight to 5 other people as well. I even gave a whole bunch of it to one of your volunteers to spread around!
    The reason for my email is that having seen first hand 2 of the Penguins get the shit scared out of them tonight by an iPad flash from 1 metre …. sent them scurrying back to the water … from my observation it didn’t seem like enough was done on the night to inform people about this little bit of knowledge that I had to learn from your great website.
    Anyways … you know where I’m coming from. Keep up the great work and I will be down again before the next 25 years have elapsed

  9. Many thanks for the red cellophane. Our penguin guides usually have some with them. Its almost impossible to stop the flash photography, there are so many inconsiderate people. We do try……

  10. I just noticed that you state the colony established itself in the 1970s, but I have my diary from that time documenting that I first observed them in December 1967.
    They seemed to be established then.

  11. Well you were lucky…. I am working on others recollections as I did not move to the area until 1987

  12. I didn’t realise how lucky i was until now. Have you managed to established when they were first sighted?

  13. Hi, I know you don’t have your volunteers on the pier at StKilda dueing the colder months; however, can you please get some better signage advising NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. I was there again tonight (been many times) and lost my temper with the people ignoring the request for no flash phtography and yelled out ‘NO FLASH”. Guess what? They stopped!!! I noticed that the signs are not very well lit, do we need to get Parks Vic involved with a bit of money to iliminate the signs.

  14. Parks Victoria are desperately short of money. I can try calling them but don’t hold your breath. Yes one loud comment is usually very effective but take care not to start an argument you may come off worst.

  15. Hello!

    I was down at the breakwater tonight for the first time to observe the penguins. What a great spot to get to see them.

    Rather than flash photos (there were still a few), the majority of people were using torches (and phone torches which is usually just the flash, but emitting a constant light) to better see the penguins. I wondered how this compared with flash photos, and if the penguins are just as sensitive to these lights?

    If so, is there any way of informing people before they reach the breakwater?

  16. Hi, I want to see penguins this week. Will I be able to see penguins in winter? which one do you think have the biggest chance to find and see penguins: in phillip island or in st.kilda?

  17. The constant lights from whichever source will always be a problem. There are signs but no one reads them. It is stressful for the penguins and especially if they have chicks in the burrows. We try our best to notify people but there are far too many selfish people in the word who care nothing but to get a photo and then discard it along with all the other hundreds of shots of nothing in particular. Penguins in the public area weigh less than the ones in the gated section. Thankyou for your concern.

  18. I would like to view the penguins in the last week of August. Can you kindly advise whether they are around, and what is the best time to see them? Thank you and best wishes.


  19. Hi, what time of the year can you see more penguines compared to other times of the year? Is late November/ early December a good time?

  20. Hi, I would just like to report that I have witnessed fisherman jumping the fence regularly over the last few weeks. They have been setting up on the new groin section of the breakwater and staying well into the night. Just wondering who to report this to so they don’t disrupt the breeding season anymore than they already have!

  21. Hi,
    My family and I are planning to view the penguins on next sun 20Sep.
    May I check when will be a good time to see them?
    Will it be worth it to view them at St kilda instead of going all the way to Philip island?
    Do the quantity of penguins differ a lot between these 2 places?

  22. May I please know if I come next week (outside of the daylight saving time), which day would the guides be present?

  23. Where exactly is the location to see the penguins, and what time is best to view (In late December, Early January) Also are there any tour or tourguides?

  24. Hi I am taking my 4 year old granddaughter to St Kilda beach for a few days in Mid January 2016, she is so excited as she has never been to the beach.. I didn’t realise that there were penguins in St Kilda. what would be the best time to go and see them come in and are there always plenty of others there as I don’t want to go somewhere where it is very quiet due to freaks hanging out at places – if you know what I mean. Also is there an admission fee?

  25. There are always people on the boardwalk. Unfortunately for a 4 year old the penguins will not be there until about 10pm but there may be a few moulting penguins. They are not a pretty sight but they will be there.

  26. The penguins are at the end of St Kilda pier. There are penguins guides on the breakwater every night. go about 10pm

  27. Hi, I am coming to visit on 26 Mar, is that still after sunset I will be able to see penguins? Any suggested timing?

  28. Hi there, we want to come here at this weekend for my little son to see the cute penguins but do not know the exactly address. and how about the entrance fee? Thanks

  29. Hi ,

    Are there penguins to view til the end of April 2016? Are the chicks still around?



  30. Any chance to see the penguins with the breakwaters being closed? We aren’t in Melbourne after the 22nd. Can you see them from shore?

  31. I see from earlier posts that due to the breakwater being closed you can’t see penguins. Will that still be the case late September 2017? Thanks for your time responding.

  32. Hi there, my friends and I are planning to visit between the 21-24 of October. Will we be able to access the breakwater for a viewing in the evening by then?

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