Why should I help?

Earthcare St Kilda are a not-for-profit organisation with over 180 volunteers dedicated to protecting the penguins. Every night of the year penguin guides educate the public and ensure visitors are behaving in the correct manner. Once a fortnight penguin researchers monitor the colony to ensure the population is healthy, investigate breeding success and remove entanglements and pollution from penguin nests. To do this, 4 teams of volunteers microchip, weigh and sex each penguin caught along the breakwater. Earthcare St Kilda also run other programs including a monthly breakwater clean up to remove rubbish from the St Kilda breakwater.

How can I help?

By donating $10 you can help Earthcare purchase one microchip so that we can identify one penguin (there are 1400 living in St Kilda).

By donating $15 you can help Earthcare purchase one high visibility vest or red-light torch for one volunteer.

By donating $25 you can fund ~one night of penguin guiding.

By donating $50 you can fund ~one research team on a research night (there are usually 3 teams per night).

By donating $100 you can fund ~one breakwater clean up and rubbish disposal.

By donating $500 you can contribute to ongoing projects including the development of an interactive app for research and visitor engagement

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