Due to COVID-19, Parks Victoria will be installing temporary fencing and preventing access onto the breakwater as of the 15th March. This decision has been made for the welfare of volunteers, PV employees and visitors. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Photo: Doug Gimesy



Where are the penguins?

Little penguins can be seen on St Kilda breakwater every night of the year. The breakwater is located at the end of the St Kilda pier, past the kiosk. You will know you have arrived when you can hear and smell them. The best viewing spots are on the boardwalk where you can see them standing on the rocks or on top of the breakwater where you can see them crossing from one side to the other. The best viewing time is 30 minutes after sunset.

Am I allowed to take photos?

Photography is permitted but flash photography and the use of white light is prohibited. You must also remain 3m away from the penguins and allow them to move freely around the breakwater. Penguins often want to cross the top of the breakwater so please allow them to do so. Sometimes they climb up stairs and walk on the boardwalk so be careful! You are also not permitted to stand on the rocks because there may be nesting penguins right below your feet and they do not appreciate being scared! Do not attempt to touch, feed or lure out penguins, they will bite you.

Who are the people wearing vests?

Earthcare St Kilda are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the penguins. Every night of the year you can find Penguin Guides on the breakwater asking visitors to obey the regulations and answering visitor questions. Every second Sunday night there are also research volunteers to monitor the colony for a few hours after sunset. Found out more about these volunteers on our research page.

Photo: Doug Gimesy

Photo: Doug Gimesy

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