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Open the pdf below to see a poster describing penguin life in St.Kilda.
How do penguins survive in the City


 How do penguins survive in the City.  01 penguin on eggs [wpg]02 day old chicks [wpg]03 4 day old chick [wpg]04 3 week old chick [wpg]05 4 week old chicks [wpg]06 6 week old chicks [wpg]07 7 week old penguin [wpg]08 2 chicks [wpg]09 2 very well fed chicks [wpg]feathers real colour smallrocky_nest2_smallsixpack2 penguinsday old chickstwo chicks2 week old chicknesting among rockspenguin with egg06 heavy premoult penguin [wpg]05 penguins have pink feet [wpg]04 penguin in nest [wpg]03 Male penguin on left female penguin on right [wpg]01 inside a rock nest [wpg]



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