St Kilda Breakwater is home to a colony of Little Penguins who have sought refuge here due to the isolation. You can view them coming ashore from the promenade along the Breakwater. A viewing platform is accessible at the head of the pier; however, please be aware that it can become very busy at times. We suggest visiting during weeknights in order to reduce traffic and protect the penguins.

We hope you have an enjoyable visit, but please remember to consider these penguins’ health and safety:

Parks Victoria works closely with Earthcare St Kilda to protect and manage the Little Penguins. If you are interested in volunteering, visit for further details.

Under the Wildlife Act 1975, both Little Penguin and Rakali are protected species and any interference with them or their environment is strictly forbidden. The Little Penguin is not like a garden bird or backyard pet, you are not to approach them or try to touch them. No flash photography and give them as much space as possible.

If a wildlife crisis arises, please contact Zoos Victoria Marine Response Unit at 1300 245678 for assistance.

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